This is the story of my family: me, my father and my grandpa.

May I have your attention for just a moment? This is the story of my family: me, my father and my grandpa.

It all started in 1963 in the little village called Jurva in Finland. For some reason, almost every household in that peculiar region had a furniture workshop. One day, my grandpa Eero made a life-changing decision: he sold his cows and started a business. And you know what, it was a furniture workshop.

Those were the times when only a few craftsmen from that region had the courage to go even further than the next biggest city. My grandpa, on the contrary, went as far as to Copenhagen. He always walked his own paths, just like my father and now myself after him.

When the time came, my father continued grandpa’s work in our company. As a child, I loved to play in the padding storage of our factory with my sister. When I grew up, my design studies and working life made me realize the same as my father did: sadly too many furniture workshops have been forced to close down in Finland.

It is hard for both of us to understand why the best quality ever in the world does not sell anymore. We don’t want to start competing with discount furniture producers. What we can do, however, is to put aside the great modesty, typical of our region, and convince our customers of high, long lasting quality and well-designed products. In Finland there is a saying: “Wood is like modeling clay to the Jurva craftsmen”. And yes, it indeed is to us, too!

When me, my father and grandpa gathered to this family photograph in our factory, the atmosphere was formal even though the craftsmen were accomplishing their daily work just around the corner. Grandpa has been seriously ill for a long time already and I’m not so sure whether he understood why this photographing was arranged. As the photographer asked us to look at each other I saw a tear in grandpa’s eye. Yes, he understood.

Today, together with my father, skillful local carpenters and the most talented young Finnish designers we have decided to continue the work that grandpa started 50 years ago and present it to the international audience.

Annaleena Hämäläinen
Creative Director

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