Samuli Helavuo

Samuli Helavuo graduated from Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts as Bachelor of Design in 2014. Currently he works as freelance designer in Helsinki and studies a Master’s degree in design at Aalto University. Samuli is an observer who is widely interested in how the world works. He loves quietness and sense of timelessness. As a designer he is looking for challenges, he wants to find new aspects and increase sustainability. He is interested in functional design combined with aesthetic pleasure.Internal flame and positive energy motivates him. Samuli has received awards and prizes internationally and in Finland. Hakola’s Riippu shelf is designed by Samuli.

Marianne Huotari

Marianne Huotari, a graduate in the Masters of Arts at the Aalto University, is the founder and lead designer at STUDIO smoo. Marianne values traditions when designing rooty home products without unnecessary frills. She keeps her mind open while designing over boundaries in harmony with different materials and shapes the future heritage. Her design invites to touch and gives an ode to everyday objects. Huotari’s Studio smoo is design studio where “smoo things matter”. Hakola’s Lippa shelf is designed by Marianne.

Ines Wartiainen and Fanni Suvila

Fanni Suvila and Ines Wartiainen are the designers behind the Round table series. They have both studied Interior architecture and furniture design at Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture and are currently working in architecture offices in Helsinki whilst experimenting with various furniture projects and finishing their masters degrees. They share a passion for combining work and play and dont like to settle for an easy answer. Hakola’s Round coffee table is designed by Fanni and Ines.

Anni Pitkäjärvi

Anni Pitkäjärvi is a Helsinki based designer, originally from central Finland, Jyväskylä. She has graduated as an Industrial designer and is currently studying a Master’s Degree in Furniture design at the department of Product and Spatial design in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She has worked as a freelancer for well-known Finnish and international companies e.g. Artek, Aarikka, Okdesign, Woud and Hakola Ltd. Anni’s design idiom is clear and reduced, but never boring. She wants to design inventive and emotionally touching objects and furniture, without forgetting usability. Hakola’s Lempi shelf is designed by Anni.

Annaleena Hämäläinen

Annaleena has graduated from Aalto University of Arts and Design (BA) and continued with International Design Business Management studies. She has designed Cosy, Lazy and Woody product series for Hakola. As a designer, Annaleena strives to make products that are both practical and beautiful. She knows the needs of the Hakola customers and is able to design products that meet those needs.

Petra Lassenius

Petra Lassenius is an interior architect / furniture designer MA. Her portfolio includes a number of furniture designs for different producers. Lassenius lived 8 years in Berlin and she is now baced in Helsinki. Aesthetics and functionality are equally important issues to her, she wants to create beauty in everyday objects.

Iina Kettunen

Iina Kettunen is a Helsinki based designer with a passion for aesthetics. She loves minimal yet beautifully detailed and crafted products with a function. The idea closest to her heart is combining all these things in her designs to bring joy and aesthetics to everyday life.