Made for Life

Maintaining your sofa correctly will considerably prolong its life. The completely removable slipcovers on our sofas allow for washing at home, and our high-quality materials are built to withstand wear and tear. And if you feel like a change, we offer new covers in a wide variety of colours.

Since 1963

Laundry Symbols

Dry Clean Allowed
Do Not Tumble Dry
Do Not Iron
Maximum Wash Temperature 30°C

Washing Our Fabrics

All of our sofas – as well as the Day armchair – feature completely removable upholstery covers. The sofa body covers are easily removed for washing with touch fasteners, and the cushions using zippers. You can wash the covers with your own home appliance. We recommend setting the temperature to 30 degrees, and using the delicate fabrics program. Use a mild detergent. Our fabrics dry quickly, and we recommend fixing them back while still slightly damp, which makes it easier and allows them to take shape.

We also recommend attaching the touch fastener to the opposing strip during washing, which reduces the risk of the touch fastener clinging to fabric.

Taking Care of your Sofa and Cleaning the Covers

For your sofa to stay in good condition for as long as possible, we recommend that you maintain it regularly. A basic maintenance routine would be vacuuming the sofa with the textile nozzle at low power regularly. The back cushions with a feather and down filling should be fluffed at least every few weeks for them to keep their original shape. When you’re doing a big cleanup, we recommend airing the pillows, which can also be beaten lightly with a carpet beater.

If the sofa covers require cleaning, it is usually enough to wash the seat and back pillows. Washing is easy, as the slipcovers are easily removed by opening the zippers. The pillow can be folded in two from the centre, making the removal of the cover easier. Wash in your washing machine according to instructions, typically using the gentle wash program at 30 degrees, using a mild detergent. Spinning is not recommended. The covers dry quickly, and they should be put into place while still slightly damp, for them to take shape better.

The body fabric rarely becomes stained enough to require washing. If the slipcover does need washing however, it can be removed from the frame by simply working your fingers between the touch fasteners and pulling the cover off. The slipcover should be washed using your machine’s gentle wash program at 30 degrees – spinning is not recommended.

In order to maintain the fabric in good condition for as long as possible, we recommend fixing opposing strips to the touch fasteners during the wash, which reduces the risk of the touch fasteners clinging to the fabric. The opposing strips can be ordered from us free of charge at, or you can purchase them at your local sewing supplies store.

Fixing the body slipcover back requires a bit of patience, so that the fabric is set well into place. It is easiest to do while the fabric is still slightly damp, so that it dries back into a smooth shape. We recommend folding the pillows in half again and then working the cover back into place – when closing the zipper, we recommend pushing against the pillow with your free hand – this will help avoid the zipper from getting stuck in the pillow filler.

We wish you pleasant moments maintaining your sofa!